LVG Management Group: strategic advice for every type of accommodation

Our goal is to maximise hotel profitability and create the best strategy, optimising costs, defining high performing rates and best room categories, and managing costs.
Through our experience and key partnerships, we can support our clients worldwide in any stage of their hotel life-cycle.

Strategic consultancy
Maximisation of profitability and creation of the best strategies optimising costs and studying specific rates.
Remote reception
Offering sponsored training to the stuff is an important opportunity for the companies.
Feasibility study
Thorough examination of the key building and management variables for a new hotel.
Analysis of sale terms
Detailed analysis to assist the hotel during the selling period.

strategic advice for hotels

Detailed budget analysis:

Detailed analysis of the budget with a focus on optimising fixed and variable costs. Cost optimisation and in-depth knowledge of key suppliers.

Rate strategy:

Definition of the best rate strategy for the hotel (based on dynamic rates).

Market analysys:

Analysis of in which the hotel is situated, competitors and guests.

Study of OTA algorithms:

Evaluation of the algorithms underlying the most important OTA with the aim of directing the greatest number possible of customers towards our hotels.


We create free tailor-made training projects for our customers. Our team develops training plans according to the needs of every client.

Business management and budgeting:

Continuous monitoring of results and strategic plan review.

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